$5.67 Million Roads Investment Confirmed

21 Nov 2018

Member for Narungga Fraser Ellis MP is pleased the Department of Transport & Infrastructure has confirmed a $670,000 upgrade of Maitland to Minlaton road, to commence early in 2019.

“This investment is for shoulder sealing and a reseal for an eight kilometre stretch of this road which has long been recognised as in dire need of attention.

“Another priority is the Kadina to Maitland stretch of road to prepare it for increased tourist traffic, including tour buses, for when cruise ships start docking in Wallaroo harbour from next September.

“It is vital that local infrastructure meets the expectations of visiting tourists or they will not return.”

Mr Ellis is also pleased to advise targeted sections of Port Wakefield Road between Dublin township and Montague Road have been identified for resurfacing maintenance works in the 2018/19 financial year.

“Sections of the National Highway around the vicinity of Dublin and Lower Light have started to disintegrate so I am pleased a $5 million program of works is to be put to tender in late November, early December.

“Locals who regularly travel to Adelaide, and I am one of them, have noticed sections of this major transport network becoming hazardous so I am pleased with this investment as I have been receiving a lot of complaints about Port Wakefield Road.”

The targeted sections include 4.3 kilometre stretches north of Dublin, and northbound and southbound sections in the vicinity of Lower Light (north of Richardson Road/School Road to Porter Road).