$3 million for Port Broughton and Fisherman's Bay CWMS game changer

31 May 2021

Member for Narungga Fraser Ellis MP is very pleased the application from Barunga West Council to the State Government’s Community Wastewater Management Schemes subsidy funding partnership has been successful, with $3 million allocated to expand Port Broughton’s wastewater system and to deliver a new storm water system for Fisherman’s Bay.

“This is exciting news, particularly for the Fisherman’s Bay community which has waited for so many years to have its freeholding process finalised with access to essential infrastructure such as stormwater systems having been a major hold up,” Mr Ellis said.

“I commend Fisherman’s Bay landholders, many I have met in the last three years seeking assistance to progress to their freehold titles, and Fisherman’s Bay Management Pty Ltd and Barunga West Council, for the considerable work they’ve undertaken to now be on the cusp of such significant development for the region.

“Exciting times lay ahead now this additional State Government funding has been allocated, and I congratulate all involved, including Mayor Leonie Kerley and CEO Maree Wauchope.”

Tenders for this major CWMS project at Port Broughton and Fisherman’s Bay will now be called in June with work expected to commence later this year.

“This  work will be the catalyst for considerable development of the area, expected to contribute in the vicinity of $25 million to the local economy, with the Fisherman’s Bay development and its roads construction, coastal protection measures and storm water infrastructure expected to support 230 full-time jobs.”