Apps to fuel your purchasing power

11 Aug 2021

South Australians are urged to download a real-time fuel price app to help them save money at the bowser, as petrol prices spike.

The cost of unleaded petrol is climbing to as high as $1.77 a litre in some parts of Adelaide, while other retailers are offering prices as low as $1.35.

To track these cheaper choices down, motorists are being encouraged to use an app, such as Fuel Price Australia, PetrolSpy, MotorMouth, Pumped or the RAA App, all of which use the State Government’s real-time fuel price data.

“As prices climb, apps become an important means of shopping around and bagging a bowser bargain,” Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said.

“With such a discrepancy in the current market, motorists filling up a 60L tank of fuel could save around $25 if they can locate and choose the cheapest option.

“I urge South Australians to take up this offer, and use it effectively, especially during periods of price spikes,” she said.

The Scheme requires retailers to update their price information to a central aggregator within half an hour of posting it, or face fines of up to $10,000.

Consumer and Business Services monitors retailers compliance to the Scheme, with two expiation notices issued to date.

It has also conducted more than 270 proactive compliance checks and assessed more than 225 reports of alleged non-compliance.

RAA says its app has been accessed around 790,000 times since March, with a recent survey showing users were saving an average of $337.20 a year.

“Fuel prices always vary and when prices spike, the difference between service stations can be up to 50 cents per litre – or around $30 to fill the tank of a typical family sedan,” RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace said.

“RAA campaigned hard for the introduction of real-time fuel pricing apps because, unlike the previous ones, they include every retail outlet and are updated within 30 minutes of the price being changed.

“The reality is, if you’re not using an app – you’re probably losing money.”