Call for tiered lift from lockdown restrictions

26 Jul 2021 media release

Member for Narungga Fraser Ellis MP has called for a tiered approach to continued restrictions as we emerge from the current lockdown.

“There is no doubt that Premier Marshall has kept our State incredibly safe throughout this global pandemic and he and his team deserve significant credit for the job they have done on the health front,” Mr Ellis said.
“Throughout the entire pandemic, and including the recent lockdown, there have been no outbreaks, no hot spots, and no cases of community transmission in some parts of our state. Mainly in regional South Australia.
“I am of the view that as we emerge from the lockdown, we should be applying a nuanced model of restrictions – rather than a blanket set for the entire state.
“So long as non-essential travel from hotspots, or by people who have been at an exposure site, continues to be banned and country people who have to conduct essential travel to the city are encouraged to take the necessary precautions then there is no reason that we cannot return to life as normal in regional South Australia.
“These restrictions, to varying degrees in their various forms, have placed a serious hardship on small business and we in country South Australia should be rewarded for our good track record over the duration of the pandemic.
“It was pleasing to hear that a more nuanced model had been considered by the transition committee but disappointing that the decision has been made for a blanket state-wide approach to easing restrictions.
“I formally wrote to the Premier on Sunday, imploring special consideration for regions. Having the same restrictions for a Modbury hotel and a Coobowie and Ceduna hotel is difficult to comprehend for distressed rural business owners who know their region has not had any cases or exposure sites.
I will continue to encourage the decision makers to allow regional SA to return to low-level restrictions – even if it means keeping higher restrictions in the city.”