Ellis calls for increased PATS fuel subsidies

08 Jun 2022

Member for Narungga Fraser Ellis MP wholeheartedly supports all calls for an increase in the fuel subsidy rate offered under the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS), with current high petrol prices leaving local constituents who require medical treatment in Adelaide significantly out of pocket.



“I have already raised this issue with Minister Picton after receiving concerns from locals forced to travel to Adelaide for medical care because they can’t access the health service they need locally but fearing they can’t afford the cost of fuel to get them to the city and back.

“Currently the PATS payment is 16 cents per kilometre which is not covering the cost of the trip to Adelaide.

“As an example, a resident at Ardrossan requiring medical treatment in Adelaide means a 300-kilometre round trip, and under the current rate the PATS subsidy is only $45. At a conservative bowser price of $2 per litre, at least $60 would be required to recoup the fuel cost.  At $2.24c per litre, the trip becomes over $80.

“I implore the State Government to urgently review the PATS fuel subsidy rates as this situation is causing distress for many across the Narungga electorate,” Mr Ellis said.