May update

14 May 2021

No doubt a highlight of recent weeks was confirmation of more roads funding for the electorate. On the heels of the announcement of the $6 million for the Arthurton to Maitland Road and $3 million for the Minlaton to Stansbury Road, has come confirmation of significant works to soon commence upgrading the Maitland to Minlaton Road (26 kms), Yorke Highway between St Vincent Highway and Curramulka, and the Copper Coast Highway (near Kulpara, already commenced).


The highway works at the Carslake Road junction near Dublin are progressing well, and additional resurfacing and shoulder works have now commenced (10 May) along the Port Wakefield Road between Shrike Road and Inkerman Road (to be completed by the end of June, weather permitting).

The investment of $11 million for the Dublin Saleyard access upgrade project is money well spent that will not only improve productivity for producers accessing the South Australian Livestock Exchange but, as I pointed out in a speech in the Chamber last week, will also benefit the other businesses along Carslake Road such as Australian Grain Export and Dublin Clean Grain.

The Dublin works are scheduled to be completed by mid this year.

I am very pleased to advise the tally of roads funding secured for our electorate since the March 2018 election now nears $200 million. There’s plenty still to do but we’ve made a good start.

Masters Games and Kernewek Lowender

I was proud this week to speak in the Chamber about the success of the Masters Games held in the Copper Coast from 15-18 April. It was a mammoth effort by local volunteers and sporting groups, ably led by Copper Coast Council and Games coordinator Lynn Spurling and her team.

Now next week is the Kernewek Lowender Cornish Festival so the region will again be a hive of activity and I’m sure this major event will again owe its success to the countless volunteers helping out behind the scenes. Well done to everyone, and again to coordinator Lynn Spurling as President of the hard working Kernewek Lowender volunteer committee, and KL EO Dianne McDowell and finance officer Gabriella Jackman.

This is a huge event which over the years has regularly attracted over 30,000 people to the area; the effort involved in so well showcasing our region to visitors is a credit to all.

Grain harvest exceeds expectations

Whilst 2020-21 hasn’t offered much good news for so many due to COVID-19 and its health and economic impacts on this State and nation, the 2020-21 crop harvest was recently heralded the second most lucrative crop on records in SA, reaching $2.5 billion in farm gate value from 9.14 million tonnes (the most lucrative was the 2010-11 season, at $2.7 billion).

Now the first genetically modified canola crops are being planted in South Australia following the lifting of a 16-year moratorium late last year. We’ve had a dry start to the season, so let’s hope good falls of rain are not far away.

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2020 has now passed the Upper House and has been introduced in the Lower House. Debate will recommence in the Chamber on 26 May.

Thank you to the many constituents who have contacted me on this issue to guide my vote on behalf of the electorate.

For such conscience votes, I always try to case my vote in line with what my community expects me to do thus it is vital that I receive as much feedback as possible.


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