Narungga March update

11 Mar 2021

I reassure it has been well and truly business as usual for me and my team at the Narungga electorate office albeit me now serving you as an Independent MP, not as a Liberal. I have certainly appreciated the overwhelming number of supportive messages I’ve received from across the community. Nothing will distract me from continuing to work hard and advocate for our region, and whilst we have achieved a great deal in the last three years there is much more I want to accomplish. 


The news two weeks ago that finally the Arthurton to Maitland Road is to receive an upgrade ($6m) was absolutely fantastic after three years of advocating, and this funding, along with the coinciding announcement of another $3 million to be spent on the Minlaton to Stansbury Road, brings the tally of roads funding close to $170 million since my election in March 2018. There are still plenty of roads requiring investment, but we’ve made a good start.  

Vaccine roll out 

I’m pleased frontline health, quarantine and border workers and Aged Care facility and disability services staff are starting to receive their first doses of COVID-19 vaccinations. Rest assured regional areas will be catered for in the roll out. Whilst Port Pirie Hospital has been named as a vaccination hub for our region, such named hubs are designated vaccine storage facilities and we won’t all be required to travel to Port Pirie or Adelaide for our vaccinations. There is more information to come, but I am advised the Commonwealth Government has purchased custom refrigeration trucks to transport vaccines into our townships and that the roll out will occur at GP clinics and potentially, also pharmacies.  

Select Committee established into Land Access 

On 2 March 2021 in the House of Assembly, a Motion was successfully passed to establish a Parliamentary Select Committee to inquire into and report on land access regimes as they relate to mining and mining exploration under the Mining Act 1971. I was pleased to support the motion as a member of the Crossbench having long advocated for improvements to better mitigate the land use conflict between farming and mining, and am honoured to have been appointed by the House to serve as a member of the Select Committee. 

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2020 introduced in the Upper House last December will be debated in the Lower House in coming weeks. For such conscience votes, I always try to cast my vote in line with what my community expects me to do thus it is important that I receive as much feedback as possible before the vote on this important issue. I urge those who wish to share their views with me to contact the electorate office via phone, email or a visit so I can be satisfied that I am best reflecting our community with my vote. For more information about the Bill visit: and search under Bills.