Powering Communities Program

03 May 2021

The Powering Communities Program is a Federal Government grants program that aims to assist community organisations lower their energy bills. 

Each Federal electorate has been allocated $67,700 to fund up to 12 small projects, thus community organisations in the electorate of Grey are invited to contact the office of Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey MP (Kadina, phone 88214366) to put forward their project for consideration.

Grants of between $5,000 and $12,000 are available for groups to use to upgrade equipment to reduce energy consumption (for e.g. air conditioning/lighting/water heaters), to install solar PV and/or solar-connected batteries, purchase energy monitoring systems or undertake energy management activities and assessments.

No financial co-contribution is required, meaning projects can receive 100% of the funds they need. 

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