Presiding Members for State Voice appointed

13 Jun 2024

The inaugural meeting of the State Voice was held this week, with the 12 Presiding Members from each of the six Local Voices attending to map out how the Voice intends to advocate on behalf of Aboriginal communities of South Australia.

From the meeting, Tahlia Wanganeen (from Central Region) and Leeroy Bilney (West and West Coast) were appointed as the leaders of the State Voice, and are congratulated.

Both are considered inspiring leaders with significant advocacy experience. 

The elected representatives for Yorke and Mid North in the Narungga electorate are Raymond Wanganeen and Joy Makepeace. 

The full list of the Members of the State Voice and Presiding Members of each Local Voice are: 

  • Central - Douglas Clinch
  • Central-Douglas Clinch
  • Far North-Mark Campbell
  • Far North-Melissa Thompson
  • Flinders and Upper North-Rob Singleton
  • Flinders and Upper North-Candace Champion
  • Riverland and South East-Danni Smith
  • Riverland and South East-Rob Wright
  • West and West Coast - Cecelia Cox
  • West and West Coast-Leeroy Bilney
  • Yorke and Mid North-Raymond Wanganeen
  • Yorke and Mid North - Joy Makepeace

More information on the First Nations Voice to State Parliament can be found at First Nations Voice