SA to enter six day lockdown

18 Nov 2020

Premier Marshall today has announced South Australia will go into a six day lockdown from midnight in a bid to halt the COVID-19 new wave that threatens our State. 

This means from midnight tonight, the following facilities and activities will be closed:

  • all schools (except for children of essential workers)
  • takeaway food outlets
  • universities
  • pubs, cafes, coffee shops, food courts
  • all elective surgery
  • open inspections
  • all outdoor sport
  • factories (except those required for food or medical production)
  • aged care facilities will be locked down (no visitors except for organised end-of-life visits)
  • holiday homes

The following restrictions will also be in place:

  • people must stay at home (except essential service workers)
  • no exercise outside the home
  • 1 person per household per day may leave to purchase groceries
  • no regional travel
  • masks must be worn outdoors
  • no weddings or funerals to take place
  • no construction to take place
  • Fly-in, fly-out workers on standby

The following essential services can remain open:

  • water, power and telecommunications services
  • supermarkets (with limited access)
  • medical facilities (including mental health services)
  • public transport
  • airports and essential freight services
  • petrol stations
  • post offices and banking institutions
  • mining and smelting operations, and factories that must be maintained
  • childcare facilities for families of essential workers
  • some government services
  • veterinary services
  • essential agricultural services

This site will be updated as more details are provided, including clarification of what agricultural services are deemed essential. 

It is understood that this is a crucial piece of information for farmers who are currently reaping and delivering grain to silos, and for the local businesses who are servicing them. 

The COVID-19 hotline is 1800 253 787.

As part of the restrictions, the Narungga Electorate Office will be shutting for 6 days from 5 pm today. Emails to [email protected] will continue to be monitored and staff will be working from home. 

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