Meet Fraser

Fraser Ellis was elected as the Member for Narungga on 17 March 2018. He quickly became known for his enthusiasm and drive to improve the lives of the people he represents.


Fraser Ellis MP
Fraser at a local event

Growing up

He resides in Kadina on the Copper Coast, Yorke Peninsula, where his family has lived for four generations.

Fraser attended Kadina Primary School and Kadina High School before completing his schooling at Prince Alfred College in Adelaide and studying Law at the University of South Australia.

Return to the regions

Upon completing his Law degree, Fraser was admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia as a solicitor and barrister. However, he was drawn back to the country and joined the family business, working as a journalist.

Fraser with community members

Fraser in Parliament

Fraser's Priorities

Fraser is passionate about improving the lives of people living across the Narungga electorate. He regularly discusses issues in local community forums and brings them up in Parliament.

His four broad priorities are:

  1. Well-resourced and staffed health services and local hospitals
  2. Roads – upgrades and maintenance
  3. Lowering costs of living – to ease household budgets and boost local spending
  4. Regional development – particular recognition of the vital roles played by local tourism and primary industry sectors

Tourism is a subject which particularly excites Fraser, as it offers significant economic and growth potential for the area.

Serving the Community

Fraser’s political aspirations developed as he gained a greater appreciation for the injustices perpetuated against regional communities during 16 years of a city-centric Labor government.

His current community activities include serving on the committees of the Kadina Football and Basketball Clubs (as a coach, umpire, player), and being an active member of the Kadina Apex Club.

Watch Fraser's maiden speech in the House of Assembly:

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