Digital Donation Program opened

01 Mar 2023

A new round of the Digital Donation Program  opened on 27 February 2023, and will close on Friday 17 March 2023.  


This program offers surplus government devices such as PCs and laptops to community based, not-for-profit organisations. 

Donation numbers depend on surplus government stock, and the maximum amount of devices donated to eligible organisations is two.

The device and the capability of the equipment varies. At a minimum, the device will be a 3rd to 6th Generation laptop with a minimum 8GB RAM and 120GB SSD.

All devices will have a Microsoft Operating System installed (Windows 10) and Defender antivirus software, and will have Wi-Fi capability. A limited number will have webcams; please note that equipment such as modems, scanners and printers are not available through this program.

Preference is given to organisations which detail in their application how the use of the devices are going to help others in the South Australian community.

For more information visit: Digital Donation Program