Ellis backs call for Royal Commission into domestic violence in SA

01 Dec 2023 media release

Member for Narungga Fraser Ellis MP is supporting the push for a Royal Commission into domestic violence in South Australia, believing such work may be the catalyst to halt what is a tragic scourge of violence against women in their own homes by men known to them.  

“With four women violently killed allegedly by their partners or former partners in just one week in our State, something clearly must be done”, Mr Ellis said.

“As stated on the Hansard record, I have provided a message of support to Greens Senator, the Hon. Tammy Franks, for her motion last Wednesday in the Legislative Council that called for the Malinauskas Government to establish a Royal Commission, and note similar support was received from the Member for Mount Gambier and the Member for MacKillop.

“I will now follow with interest the passage of the Franks motion, that was commendably moved in conjunction with the Hon. Connie Bonaros of SA Best and supported by the Liberals with a contribution by the Hon. Michelle Lensink.

“The incidence of violence against women is unacceptable and impacts all of us.  

“The very recent case of Jodie Jewell murdered in her Modbury North home found its way to our patch of the world with the body of her husband and alleged killer later found near Curramulka. I also recall a domestic violence tragedy at Port Hughes last year, and another in 2020 when the body of Colleen Adams was located in a backyard at Maitland some 45 years after her husband killed her and buried her there.

“With great interest, too, I noted the highlighting by Hon. Reggie Martin MLC in the Upper House of the 150th anniversary this week of the sentencing of Elizabeth Woolcock of Moonta, infamous as the only woman hanged in South Australia (Adelaide Gaol) as the convicted murderer of her husband in 1873. It has long been argued domestic violence against her drove her actions; her case certainly cements the fact that domestic violence has a long history.  

“I foresee a Royal Commission seeking answers to the why, what and how and also valuable for looking at policing and security, penalties and front-line services provision.

“Statistics show 54 women have been killed by violence in South Australia so far this year”, Mr Ellis said.

“The crisis warrants forensic investigation and a good start is a Royal Commission “.