New relief personal hardship hotline

09 Apr 2020 media release

South Australians who need personal hardship assistance, food relief and short-term accommodation advice can call a new, dedicated relief hotline activated by the Marshall Liberal Government in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The number is 1300 705 336.

The COVID-19 Relief Call Centre is available to all South Australians, set up as part of the Marshall Liberal Government’s strong plan to support people at this unprecedented time.
The call centre will provide general support and connect people to services as needed, including:
• Personal hardship support, welfare checks and food relief, through organisations such as the Red Cross and Foodbank
• Emotional and wellbeing support
• Short-term COVID-19 accommodation advice for people who are unable to self-quarantine at home
Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink urged South Australians who need support at this time to call the new relief call centre.
“We are all facing one of the most challenging times in our history – as individuals, families and as a community,” said Minister Lensink.
“The Marshall Liberal Government recognises this is a distressing time for many South Australians and we’re committed to supporting our community get through this pandemic.
“The new COVID-19 Relief Call Centre is a dedicated hotline activated by the Marshall Liberal Government, set up specifically to help South Australians, whether that be with personal hardship assistance, food relief, short-term accommodation advice or emotional and wellbeing support.
“I urge any South Australian who needs support at this time to call the new COVID-19 Relief Call Centre for any advice and support they may need at this time – we’re here to help.”
COVID-19 Relief Centre is run by Housing SA and operates 8am to 8pm 7 days/week: 1300 705 336