New year in full swing

19 Feb 2024

It was a busy first sitting week back for the year (6-8 February), and the second Parliamentary session this week (20-22 February) is looking like being just as productive.


I spoke in the chamber about the need for more turning lanes off our highways, in order to enter coastal communities such as Hardwicke Bay and Port Vincent more safely, especially during busy harvest periods that coincide with summer holidays.

The Motion called for recognition of the danger of vehicles needing to slow down to a safe turning speed on a highway to turn into townships, and the need for investment in a dedicated Turning Lane Fund.

I also sought an update in the chamber on the future for Ardrossan Hospital A & E, and additionally gave a speech about the impact of increasing numbers of vehicles and campers on Yorke Peninsula beaches, imploring the need for action.   

New laws banning election corflutes on public infrastructure also passed last session, in a Bill I supported on behalf of the community which, judging by feedback received, believe such signage to be wasteful, bad for the environment, unsightly and unnecessary.

Whilst this outcome will mean we will no longer see signs with candidate pictures on street poles, campaign corflutes will still be allowed to be hung outside polling booths, and on private property with property owners consent, and I believe this provides appropriate balance.

I also report debate on both my bills that I have previously presented – the Motor Vehicle (Number Plates) Amendment Bill and the Mining (Land Access Inquiry Recommendations) Amendment Bill – were adjourned.

After more than four years advocating, I am very pleased the next section of Wallaroo entrance road on the Copper Coast Highway is to be upgraded (from Beare Road to East Terrace). Works on this important tourist thoroughfare that has been an eyesore for too long will now soon commence.


Two grant programs currently open are the Telstra Footy Country Grants (round 1 to close 3/3/24 with another round to open 4/3/24-19/4/24), and the Strengthening Inclusive Pathways to Employment program (to close 3/4/24). For more information on these programs refer to the Grants tab on this website. 

You will also find videos of my Parliament chamber speeches on this website under the Parliament tab.