New year push for signatures for Ellis health petition

01 Feb 2023 media release

Member for Narungga Fraser Ellis MP reports the reaction from communities across the region to his petition for better local health services has been absolutely fantastic but that it is now time for a renewed push for more signatures.

“In the 15 weeks since launching the health petition we have tallied over 6,000 signatures due to the huge efforts of individuals and businesses across the electorate, but now that the festive season is behind us it’s time to ramp up the cause again”, Mr Ellis said.

“Our end game is reaching 10,000 signatures in order to trigger formal Parliamentary investigation into what we’re calling for--namely better resourcing of our local health services and action to address the GP shortages that so many of us are gravely concerned about and which are threatening the future of regional townships.

“Over the course of my terms as your representative in State Parliament, improving rural health services has been of paramount importance to me and personally was the major reason I was inspired to run for parliament in the first place.

“I successfully carried a Motion in the chamber last June that demanded the serious shortage of services in regional SA be addressed which was supported by MPs of all persuasions yet still nothing seemed to happen so I launched the petition last October.

“Amazing numbers of people hit the streets with petition sheets--individuals and multiple groups and councils and businesses, as well as caravan parks over the busy holiday period--and we soon reached the halfway mark of our 10,000 target. Now it’s time for another push by anyone willing to assist, and also for any clubs or businesses with completed sheets to please post or drop them back to my office so we can add those signatures to our tally.

“Whilst there is no time limit to reach the 10,000 signatures, the sooner we can present the petition to the House of Assembly the sooner we can trigger the inquiry and make inroads into improving our local health services for all of us who live in our wonderful region.

“Remember anyone over the age of 18 who lives in South Australia is eligible to sign, not just those who live in the Narungga electorate”, Mr Ellis said.