Participate in underway Parliamentary Inquiry into Coastal Protection Board

28 Jan 2021 media release

Member for Narungga Fraser Ellis MP is pleased to advise a Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into the role and functions of South Australia’s Coast Protection Board has been launched and he encourages submissions from local stakeholders and residents.


“The inquiry is being conducted by the Environment, Resources and Development Committee of which I am a member, and the purpose of the inquiry is to consider the current role and function of the Board that was first established under the Coast Protection Act in 1972”, Mr Ellis said.

“With the electorate featuring over 1,000 kilometres of coastline, local councils and multiple organisations regularly deal with the Coast Protection Board and its decision-making processes and submissions from across our local community would be very valuable as part of this inquiry.

“It is a timely review particularly with the new planning code soon to be completed so I hope the committee receives a wide range of submissions that share direct experiences and ideas for reform.”

The committee invites submissions from anyone with an interest in the issues raised by the terms of reference which are available on the Committee’s website: 

Information about how to contribute can also be obtained by phoning the Parliamentary Officer for the Environment Resources and Development Committee on (08) 8237 9387 or by emailing [email protected]

The functions of the Coast Protection Board are to protect and restore the coast from erosion, damage, deterioration, pollution and misuse.

The terms of reference are specific and cover the structure, functions and powers of the Coast Protection Board, its authority and criteria for referral, and how protection and development in coastal areas should be managed in the future.

Submissions addressing the terms of reference should be lodged by Friday 19 March 2021.