Select Committee to inquire on Artificial Intelligence

10 Jul 2023

A Select Committee has been established to inquire and report on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in South Australia. 

Members of Parliament appointed to the committee are Mr Michael Brown MP (Chairperson), Mr Fraser Ellis MP, Mr Lee Odenwalder MP, Mr Stephen Patterson MP, Mr Josh Teague MP and Ms Erin Thompson MP.

The committee invites submissions addressing the terms of reference below, by Friday 18 August 2023. 
Quotes from Committee Chair, Michael Brown MP, Member for Florey:
"We are at the beginning of a period of major change. This committee will examine the challenges and opportunities of AI in South Australia, particularly in mining, agriculture and law enforcement. 
"The age when AI is regularly used as a tool for the enhancement of productivity in our society for both good and ill is now upon us. There is opportunity for this committee to ensure that the proper framework exists so that our state can continue to be a leader not only in AI research but also in the practical application of this technology to enhance our lives."
Terms of Reference
  • The current state of AI development, deployment and application across various sectors, with a particular focus on the economic, social and ethical implications for South Australia
  • The potential for AI to transform sectors critical to the South Australian economy such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and services and skills required for this transformation
  • Issues surrounding the use of AI in the commission of criminal offences
  • The challenges and opportunities of AI in relation to privacy, data security, and the ethical use of AI, including the risk of bias in AI decision making
  • The potential for South Australia to develop a competitive advantage in AI, including through the development of a strong AI research and development sector, the attraction of AI investment, and the training and retention of AI talent; and
  • any other related matter
Submissions should be addressed to the Parliamentary Officer, Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence and emailed to [email protected] or posted to GPO Box 572, Adelaide SA 5000.