September update

15 Sep 2022

Sign Condolence Book to mark Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passing

All are invited to sign the Condolence Book available at the electorate office at 37 Graves Street Kadina, to mark the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II after 70 years of continuous service as the Monarch of our nation.

Her Majesty’s funeral will be held on Monday, however the Condolence Book will remain available until the end of September before being submitted to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and from there, sent to Buckingham Palace and archived by the Commonwealth.  

Health, Housing and Mobile Black Spots

Health, Housing and Mobile Black Spots remain subjects of serious concern and I continue to liaise with Ministers for improvements. Please continue to share with the office your experiences with local hospitals, lack of social and private rental properties, and mobile reception problem areas. Your feedback is very valuable evidence that increased investment is needed.

In relation to mobile reception problems, I have requested an expansion into our region of the underway Mobile Network Extension Devices Pilot Program which is offering subsidised installation of Telstra signal booster units. Currently the trial is only covering two council areas in the Adelaide Hills, and I believe the sample size (and topography and weather diversity) is too limited.

New fire ratings

A new fire danger rating system has been launched, to show severity of a bushfire in current conditions should one start, and what to do to keep safe. Changes made achieve national consistency, and there are now the following four levels: Green (moderate, plan and prepare), Yellow (high, be ready to act), Orange (extreme, take action now and protect your property) and Red (catastrophic, for your survival leave bushfire risk areas).

There is now also a “no rating” level for those days where no proactive action is required by the community.

There is no change to the conditions under which a total fire ban will be declared.

As we soon enter another bushfire season, I encourage all households to develop their Bushfire Plan if they haven’t already. For more information visit: Bushfire Survival Plan


Keep an eye out for grants info on this website (see Grants tab) and get in touch if you require further info; currently open funds are “Projects-Public Art and Design”, “Nature-based Tourism”, “Celebrate Together” and the “Regional Event Fund”.