Wallaroo Hospital needs upgrade

24 Jan 2022

On 22 January the Labor Party made an election commitment for a $12 million upgrade at the Port Pirie Hospital. In response, Member for Narungga Fraser Ellis MP says if he is re-elected, he will be pushing to see that money repurposed for the Wallaroo Hospital and that Port Pirie is removed from the Yorke and Northern Local Health Network. 

The stated facts from Mr Ellis:  

  • Port Pirie is already resourced at level 3 Emergency and Wallaroo is only level 2
  • Port Pirie is already resourced at level 3 Medical In-Patient Services and Wallaroo is only level 2
  • Port Pirie is already resourced at level 4 Cancer Care services and Wallaroo is only level 3
  • Port Pirie already has 52 beds and Wallaroo only 21

"And despite all of this, the estimated population catchment areas according to the 2016 census are approximately 16,200 for Port Pirie when Wallaroo has a core and extended catchment area estimated at 35,400!* Not to mention that the Yorke Peninsula/Copper Coast gets an estimated 400,000 tourists every year compared with Port Pirie region's 200,000", said Mr Ellis. 

"Wallaroo Hospital desperately needs an upgrade - I have been lobbying the Liberal Government for one for some time and I will now begin trying to convince the Labor Party of the same. 

"I also note that the Labor Party did commit to an extra community paramedic in the Copper Coast which would be fantastic. Unfortunately, even that was ostensibly to ease the burden on the Port Pirie services. 

"I'm tired of Port Pirie being considered the central location for all of our health services. Wallaroo Hospital should be the health services hub on the Yorke Peninsula and if I am re-elected that is what I will be unashamedly pushing for just like I have been doing for the past four years", Mr Ellis said. 

*figures from CHSALHN NYP/Port Pirie Service Plans